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Hillary and Bill Clinton reject Danny Williams, the SON of Bill Clinton

Read more in The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow!:

1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year
Hillary denies a child - Bill's only offspring

Hillary and Bill reject Danny Williams, a child
Hillary and Bill refuse Danny Williams, a child
Hillary and Bill spurn Danny Williams, a child
Hillary and Bill snub Danny Williams, a child
Hillary and Bill dismiss Danny Williams, a child
Hillary and Bill disclaim Danny Williams, a child
Hillary and Bill discard Danny Williams, a child
Hillary and Bill repudiate Danny Williams, a child
Hillary and Bill turn their backs on Danny Williams, a child

Danny Williams is probably the only child Bill has ever had. Both wild Bill and the 1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year Hillary have denied and rejected this child from the day he was born back in the mid 1980's. Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton. Also, Bill paid Gennifer Flowers $200 to have an abortion in January, 1978. Bill's only child, Danny Williams, is the one he and 1984 Arkansas Mother of The Year Hillary have denied and rejected from the day the boy was born. Of all the things that Bill and the 1984 Arkansas Mother of The Year Hillary have done, this is one of the very worst: denying the child, something Jesse Jackson said he would never do when he had a child outside of his marriage. Hillary and Bill have done NOTHING for Danny Williams (now about age 22), Bill's (probable and only) child with former drug-addicted prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams:

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Recently in the news there has been the story of Hillary's brother Tony Rodham who is a deadbeat dad who has not paid $158,000 owed to his former wife Nicole Boxer: Being a deadbeat parent is nothing new to 1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year Hillary and Bill who have done NOTHING for Bill's (probable) son Danny Williams - the product of wild Bill's cocaine-fueled sex orgies with crack whore Bobbie Ann Williams and her girl friends back in the 1980's in Arkansas. Cokehead Bill was a good match for a ghetto crack whore. Danny Williams was born in 1985 so he would be about 22 years old today (2007).
Wild Bill was definitely having affairs with crack whores from the projects. The projects were only 5 blocks away from the governor's Mansion in Little Rock and Bill met Bobbie Ann when he was out jogging one day. He came back the next day and got a blow job in the bushes. Then his state trooper aide Buddy Young used to pick up Bill and the ghetto girls and take them out to the cabin of Virginia Kelley, Bill's mom. Larry Patterson, another state trooper, says that after Danny was born, Bill had him take some of Chelsea's extra Christmas gifts over to the home of Bobbie Ann Williams around Christmas time on one or two occasions. One time Lucille Bolton, the boy's aunt, brought Danny to the Arkansas Governor's mansion, but 1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year Hillary refused to let them in. 1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year Hillary and Bill were denying the child. 1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year Hillary sure does give a lot of speeches about women and children and how to raise children ... but 1984 Arkansas Mother of the year Hillary has shown herself to be a fraud in the way she denies and rejects Bill's only kid, Danny Williams.
Say McIntosh was bribed by the Clintons to keep quiet about Bill's (probable) son Danny Williams in the 1992 campaign. In return for Say McIntosh not making an issue of this in the 1992 campaign, Bill made sure that Tommy McIntosh, the son of Say McIntosh was pardoned in early 1993, 18 years before he was even eligible for parole on drug charges. Typical Clinton corruption: selling pardons for political favors.
Although neither DNA or paternity blood tests have been done on Bill or Danny Williams we can assume that the child is Bill's because Bill sure acts like it is his - although he has done nothing for his only child. We know that Bill is not sterile because he got Gennifer Flowers pregnant in Dec., 1977 and paid her $200 to get an abortion in Jan., 1978. Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton; so Chelsea proves nothing about Bill's fertility. Many of Bill's girlfriends say he does not use condoms; Bobbie Ann says he told her he does not to use "scumbags." Ironically, because Bill and 1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year Hillary ARE scumbags. A Drudge Report from 1999 on this:

Hillary denies the Child;
Politics more important than taking care of Bill's child with Bobbie Ann Williams

When Jesse Jackson had his child with his mistress, the one thing Jesse said he would never do was "deny the child." That is exactly what Hillary and Bill have done with Danny Williams: deny the child. It is one of the most evil things that a parent can do. Article on Danny Williams [pictures of Bobbie and Danny Williams, from a racist web page) God bless Danny Williams!]

Racist Cover-Up in Story of Clinton’s ‘Illegitimate Son’?
Carl Limbacher
December 15,
Why won't the same media that chased the story of Rep. Dan Burton's love child and made national headlines out of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde's ancient affair report the Danny Williams story? "Cause they're racist," says Robert "Say" McIntosh, the Little Rock community activist who first called attention to the story of Bill Clinton's alleged son in 1988. Like Danny's family, McIntosh is convinced that the child is Clinton's: "If you see Danny, you can tell it's definitely his kid. I've met him, talked to him. Danny isn't black." Both Danny's mom, Bobbie Ann Williams, and her husband, Danny Sr. are African-American. McIntosh told that when he first found out that Danny's mom was claiming that her son was conceived during a sexual encounter with the then-Arkansas governor, he went straight to the press. "I took it to the news media," he said, "because this was about the same time Gary Hart got in trouble." Hart was 1988's odds-on favorite to snag the Democratic presidential nomination until he challenged the press to look into his private life. The Miami Herald did and reported an apparent Hart affair with then-party girl Donna Rice. When pictures of Rice snuggled on Hart's lap aboard the good ship "Monkey Business" appeared in a supermarket tabloid just days later, Hart's hopes for high office were toast. But McIntosh got a distinctly indifferent reaction from reporters who had swarmed all over the Gary Hart story when he broached the topic of then-3-year-old Danny Williams. "They told me: 'That's not news. If you find out that Clinton has been messing with some white women, that's news. Let us know,’" McIntosh recounted. He said he was offended by that response, explaining, "You know, my mother is black, my wife is black and I've got eight black sisters." McIntosh says that the media's nonchalance about his bombshell information wasn't universal: "The press in London was interested," he said. "They've always been interested in this story." Danny's aunt Lucille Bolton confirmed McIntosh's claim that the British press had been chasing this story, telling that a London reporter had called her the same day she spoke to us. Ten years ago, after Little Rock's media thumbed its nose at the story, McIntosh took the news to the streets, printing up handbills with Danny's photo under the salacious headline: "The Hottest Thing Going: Bill Clinton's D**k [penis] Will Keep Him From Running for President of the United States of America." The flier's text read: "Please help me raise money to take care of [this] black baby, the 'black sheep of the family.' This baby is by a black woman. This picture is furnished by the Righteous Rev. Tommy Knots. Rev. Knots is an aide to Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm. After he did a six-month investigation, God told him to bring it to me. All Clinton is willing to do for the mother is keep her out of jail and prison." The last sentence refers to the prostitution charge Little Rock authorities could have brought against Danny's mother, who was working the streets when she hooked up with the person she claims is Danny's biological father. Rev. Knots became involved, according to McIntosh, after Danny's mom contacted him at the Rose Law Firm about her son. She gave Knots the photo and told him that the governor wouldn't take care of the child. Bobbie Ann Williams had sought out Knots undoubtedly hoping that the news would reach one of Rose's leading lawyers, Hillary Clinton. But it did no good. As happened with her sister Lucille Bolton in her one-on-one conversation with Hillary herself (see News on the President's Secret Son), Bobbie Ann's efforts to get the Clintons to acknowledge the child came up empty. But it was McIntosh who was most vocal about the case. After Clinton announced his candidacy for president, McIntosh says he publicly called for the governor to take a paternity test. What was the reaction? "They begged me not to do it," McIntosh says now. "Susie Whitacre [Clinton's then-press secretary] begged me to stop putting those fliers out. They never denied the story. They just begged me to stop." McIntosh says he last spoke to Bobbie Ann in April, when she asked for his advice about the offer by "A Current Affair" to do her story. He told her she should be paid for her explosive account – at least $100,000. For whatever reason, Bobbie Ann's story has yet to hit the TV airwaves. (Internet bloodhound Matt Drudge has reported that "Hard Copy," a competitor of "A Current Affair," had a piece on Danny's mom in the works but backed out after Paramount executives nixed the idea.) Some consider Robert "Say" McIntosh something of a loose cannon. Danny's aunt, Lucille Bolton, told that he was merely out for his own publicity. When questioned by at a recent pro-impeachment rally in Washington, D.C., former Clinton bodyguard L.D. Brown described McIntosh as "a nut." Still, Brown and McIntosh offer amazingly similar accounts regarding the Clinton marriage. Brown regaled the rally with his eyewitness perspective on evidence that Hillary Clinton and the late Vincent Foster were involved in a love affair. He added that the failure to examine this aspect of Foster's life seriously compromised investigations into his suspicious death. On the same subject, McIntosh told "Hillary and Bill don't have a real marriage. It's just a front. That's why Foster killed himself -- over Hillary." Loose cannon or not, without Robert McIntosh, the Danny Williams story would have never seen the light of day. And with Little Rock still buzzing about the news he broke, it's a story with many chapters yet to be written.
Bill sold pardon of Say McIntosh's son Tommy (1-20-93) in return for Say shutting up about Bill's only child:
Danny Williams
Saturday Feb. 24, 2001; 2:51 a.m. EST NewsMax
Clinton Bio: President Traded Clemency for Silence on 'Love Child' Charge
Bill Clinton began abusing his executive pardon power on the very first day he entered the White House; arranging to commute a drug dealer's prison sentence to silence critics who charged he was a deadbeat dad, a biography of Hillary Clinton claims.
The case involved the son of Little Rock civil rights leader Robert "Say" McIntosh, who alleged during the 1980's that then-Governor Clinton had fathered an illegitimate child by local black prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams.
In her 1999 Hillary Clinton biography "The First Partner," author Joyce Milton reports that McIntosh publicly claimed Bill Clinton had promised to grant his then-imprisoned son an early release two years before becoming president.
At the time young Tommy McIntosh was serving a 50 year jail sentence on a cocaine rap.
The demand languished until Jan. 20, 1993, when the wheels of justice suddenly became unstuck.
With Clinton's successor Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker in D.C. for the inauguration, the job of fullfilling the clemency pledge fell to president pro tempore of the Arkansas State Senate, Dr. Jerry Jewell.
The order to spring Tommy McIntosh was signed as the new president was sworn in, releasing him years before he would have normally gotten anywhere near a parole board.
In January 1999 STAR Magazine claimed that a comparison of genetic information showed young Danny Williams' DNA did not match Clinton's, though an actual paternity test was never performed.
But before the news came out, Clinton's behavior suggested he believed the results could go either way.
"Right up to the day STAR revealed the test results, the White House failed to issue a flat denial of the allegations," Milton reported.
"Either Clinton did have relations with Bobbie Ann Williams at some point or, perhaps more likely, even his closest aides were never entirely sure that they could trust his protestations of innocence."
Tommy McIntosh's extraordinary early parole, says Milton, suggests that the Clinton camp "struck a deal with 'Say' McIntosh in exchange for his silence."
Weeks after his son's release, McIntosh said that his bargain with Clinton was sealed right after the election, telling the Washington Times:
"Those who question my credibility should ask themselves, 'If there was no deal, how did this happen?' How did my son get out of prison 18 years before he was eligible for parole?"
Tommy McIntosh later died in 2005, shot by his wife You can read about in this web link and also about Bill Clinton's pardon of him in 1993.
Here is all about Say McIntosh, the "Al Sharpton" of Little Rock:
Clinton's son is named Danny Williams and was conceived of a
black prostitute, 21-year old Bobbie Ann Williams, in 1983.
Clinton paid Williams and tow other whores $400 each for a sex
orgy when Danny was conceived. He liked it so well that he paid
each of them a bonus of $50.

The orgy was held in his mother's house, about an hour from
Little Rock out the John Barrow Road. the three street walkers
and the governor of Arkansas were driven in a state limousine,
apparently by state trooper Buddy Young, who waited until it was
over, then drove them back to town.

The story is confirmed by Lucille Bolton, sister of Williams and
aunt of Danny. "There's no ifs, there's no supposes about it,"
says Bolton. Moreover, "Danny wants to get this story out into
the open," she says. Danny is now 14.

Both Danny and his mother, who, says Lucille, has kicked her
drug habit, still live in Little Rock. Apparently to throw news
reporters off the trail, a rumor recently surfaced that both
were in Australia. However, says Bolton, that's not true.

The story first saw the light of day in a small paper in
Georgia, "The Truth At Last", on September 15, 1992, when Danny
was 8.

Clinton's degenerate lifestyle is well-known to everyone around
him. "The Wanderer", a Catholic paper published in Wisconsin,
says that Clinton forced Gennifer Flowers to abort his baby in
1978. She has the evidence but the liberal press does not want
to print the story.
Gov. Bill was screwing and doing cocaine with street hookers. Probably has a son
by one. Also – does not use condoms

Bobbie Ann Williams, a Little Rock Arkansas street hooker, says she and Bill did cocaine together as well as having a foursome orgy with 2 other street hookers in the country cabin of Bill Clinton’s mother back in the 1983-1984 – while he was governor. Clinton met her on the street while he was jogging.
Also, street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams, says that Bill screwed her without a condom – telling her he did not like “scumbags.” Until I read that, I never knew “scumbag” was a word with multiple definitions: a) condom b) Bill Clinton c) Hillary Clinton. Bobbie Ann says she and Bill had sex on 13 occasions.
Recently, I saw Bill on TV touting his Clinton Global Initiatives, one of which is to end HIV/AIDS in the world. Bill remarked that abstinence was not enough, that young kids need access to and education about condoms. Juanita Broaddrick who Bill raped without a condom, Gennifer Flowers who Bill had a 12 year affair with, and street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams all say Bill hated condoms and absolutely refused to use them. Bill got Gennifer pregnant in late 1977 and he paid $200 for an abortion for her (performed in late January, 1978). He told Juanita after he raped her that he had had the mumps as a kid and was infertile so don’t worry about getting pregnant. Bobbie Ann Williams says Bill sired her son Danny or “Danno,” born in 1985 – which deadbeat dad Bill has never claimed or supported. Lucille Bolton, Danny’s aunt, says the now young man, age 21, is definitely Bill’s rejected son “There’s no buts, there’s no ifs, there’s no supposes about it.”
Street hooker Bobbie Ann also says that Bill screwed her when she was 4 months pregnant (!) with his alleged future son. Bobbie Ann said in 1992:

“I was still working the street into the fourth month I was carrying Bill’s baby. And Bill got a special kick out of having sex with pregnant women. He said that pregnancy makes gals hotter.
When I told him that he was the father of my baby, he just laughed. He rubbed my big belly and said, ‘Girl, that can’t be my baby.’
But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his child.” – Bobbie Ann Williams
[Clinton Confidential, p. 179, originally in the Globe (2/17/92)]
Larry Patterson says that at on one Christmas – maybe two- Bill had the state troopers take Christmas presents to the home of Bobbie Ann and her child Danny (or Danno) Williams. Clinton has never submitted to a DNA paternity test to prove or disprove his alleged siring of Danno. Question, who do you think has more credibility: Hillary and Bill Clinton or a drug-addicted, street hooker?
Clinton’s refusal of condoms and refusal to raise his alleged son is just another example of the incredible selfishness and irresponsibility of the Clintons. Hillary was, of course, covering for Bill at all times and using criminal secret police tactics to do it.
[Bobbie Ann Williams is not the only pregnant woman that Bill has screwed. On the night Martin Luther King was assassinated, April 4th, 1968, Bill’s high school girlfriend – Dolly Kyle Browning was visiting Bill at college in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.. Dolly was already married to another man, a young mother of one child, and was at that moment 8 MONTHS PREGNANT with her 2nd child ! Sex freak Bill’s reaction, according to Dolly? … he screwed her!! (Bill and Hillary: the Marriage, p. 75) Repeat: Bill screwed his married, 8-month-pregnant former girlfriend, Dolly. Also, player Bill was dating two other girls at that time at Georgetown.]
Link on Bobbie Ann Williams and wild Bill:
When it comes to screwing women, Bill Clinton does not discriminate based on age, race, national origin, religion, marital status, condition of pregnancy, consent or availability of plastic protection. Bill is a narcissist who has no problem using or violating people. Hillary and Bill have no problem destroying people to keep the truth from coming out.

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